PVC Roof Tile Production Line  


PVC roof tile machine is mainly used to produce PVC glazed tile with widths of 720, 930, and 1100 mm, thickness is 2 mm, 2.5 mm, and 3 mm, respectively. PVC single layer roof tile production line consists of conical double-screw extruder SJZ80/156 (main motor: 55kw Capacity is: 360 kg/h), 40 Cr extruding tool oven & forming machine, haul-off, cutter, and stacker. PVC and ASA or PMMA compound roof tile production line consists of conical double screw extruder SJZ80/156, single screw co-extruder, extruding tool calendar, forming machines for main tile and ridge tiles, haul-off, cutter, and stacker. According to the customer, conical twin screw extruder or parallel twin screw extruder can be chosen. Benk Machinery Co LTD will supply formula guide service and staple raw material purchase. As well as, professional analysing and design by considering production cost and tile’s performance. Also, we can supply according to the customer’s requirement both single and multi-layer technology.


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What is inside of the PVC Roof tile production line?

Machine Quantity
1. Screw loader
2. SJZ 80/156 conical twin-screw extruder 
3. SJ 65/35 single screw co-extruder 
4. Extrusion mould and flow distributor 
5. Embossing roller
6. Side cutter
7. Glazed-tile forming machine 
8. Cutter 
9. Stacker 

Roof tile production process Flowchart

High speed mixer—

Conical twin screw extruder—


Co-extrusion die head—

Embossing and cooling rollers—

Forming machine—

Saw cutting machine—


Pneumatic pressing machine for ridge tiles moulds

Features of the tile produced:

1. Excellence weather fastness;
2. Waterproof outstanding performance;
3. Wind resistance, quake-proof;
4. Rich colour, new personalized, stable and lasting;
5. Excellent fireproof performance;
6. Heat insulation, heat preservation;
7. Good sound insulation performance;
8. Excellent toughness and strength;
9. Simple construction–paving speed most quickly, construction cost minimum;
10. Economical.


PVC roof tile sheet Specification

1. Width: 720, 880, 1040 mm
2. Thickness: 1-4 mm
3. Can be co-extrusion ABA, AB, ABC
4. ASA or PMMA co-extrusion

PVC roof tile sheet Application

The Plastic Roofing Tile Roll Forming Machine is mainly used in the production of plastic glazed tile. The plastic glazed tiles are widely used in garden-style factory, tourist scenic spots, pavilions, hotels, family building, etc.

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PVC roof tile sheet production line Configuration

No. Machine Quantity
1 Screw loader 1 set
2 SJZ80/156 conical twin-screw extruder 1 set
3 SJ65/35 single screw co-extruder 1 set
4 Extrusion mould and flow distributor 1 set
5 Embossing roller 1 set
6 Side cutter 1 set
7 Glazed-tile forming machine 1 set
8 Cutter 1 set
9 Stacker 1 set

PVC roof tile sheet production line Auxiliary Machines

No. Machine Quantity
1 Mould: Main ridge tile; Oblique ridge tile; T cock; Tile end 4set
2 Pressing machine and oven 2set
3 SRL-Z500/1000 Mixing unit 1set
4 Screw loader 1set
5 SWP360 Crusher 1set
6 SMP600 Miller 1set

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