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SPC Flooring Machine and Technology

What is SPC flooring?
SPC flooring stands for Stone Plastic Composite flooring, could be a high-tech inquire about and advancement of modern ground enhancing materials, the utilize of characteristic marble powder to create a high-density of the strong base, the surface is secured with super-strong wear-resistant polymer PVC wear layer, after Hundreds of strategies to handle and gotten to be. The item design is practical and beautiful, super wear-resistant, the surface is shining and not dangerous, which could be a demonstration of modern high-tech materials within the 21st century!

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SPC Flooring Material

spc flooring materials and additives

Limestone (Calcium Carbonate)

PVC Gum Powder

DOTP (Plasticizer)

Stabilizer (Ca/Zn)

Stearin pulverizing material

PE wax / Carbon black


NOTICE: Based on the over equation of each producer is marginally different.

The role of raw materials in SPC flooring manufacturing 

The foot materıal is frequently extreme and not simple to break. It is composed of polyvinyl chloride, calcium powder, plasticizer, and other materials. The center layer fabric is simpler to break, so the foot fabric and the center layer fabric can extend together to form the board Not simple to upturn.
PVC Tar Powder: PVC may be a non-toxic, odorless white powder. It has tall chemical stability and great versatility. PVC is the foremost broadly utilized and most important polymer within the world, but unadulterated PVC is really the foremost unsteady polymer, so as it were after including fitting stabilizers and other added substances, the preferences of PVC can be realized.
Carbon Dark: the shade with the most grounded tinting control and stowing away control, the foremost steady color, warm resistance, chemical resistance, and light resistance
Limestone Powder: insoluble in water and dissolvable in corrosive, work: increment mistiness and make strides flexibility.
DOTP (Plasticizer): It could be a colorless, low-viscosity fluid. As PVC itself may be a difficult fabric, after including a plasticizer, the plastic item can be delicate, simple to twist, overlap, and flexible, and simple to shape.
Stabilizer: It can moderate down the response, keep up chemical adjust, decrease surface pressure, anticipate light, warm decay, or oxidation responses, etc., in this manner advancing item quality soundness.


Which equipment is needed for the production of SPC flooring

SPC Flooring production process

Blending and Warming Line

Extruding Line

Hot Squeezing Line

SPC manufacturıng Line

UV Coating Line

Annealing Line

Multi-Blade Sawing Line

Profiling Line

Painted Incline Line

SPC floor production line SPC floor production line SPC floor production line

Step By Step SPC Flooring Production Process

Blending materials

Put the PVC gum powder, plasticizer, stabilizer, and carbon dark into the blender agreeing to the equation proportion, and the machine consequently includes the plasticizer. include limestone powder, mix for around 30 minutes, and send the equally blended blend to the transport belt and enter the inside blender for warming and mixing.

Extruding blocks

The crude materıal powder enters the roller and steadily shapes after being rolled by the roller. The temperature is around 170°C. At long last, the crude fabric is cooled and refined, will be created into the center base layer and foot base layer through the thick refining, and the crude fabric is cut into 1*1m or 1*1.3m blocks.

Film laying

Spread canvas, decorated board, delicate film (matt film, high-temperature paper), bottom/middle fabric, wear-resistant layer, color film, and delicate film (matt film, high-temperature paper) on the steel plate in sequence.

Hot pressing

After being squeezed with another steel plate, it is sent to the hot press, ceaselessly warmed and pressurized, and taken out after around 40 minutes. After the delicate film is torn off, the floor is squeezed into shape. After hot squeezing, the item layer is immovably fortified to the layer.

UV coating

Put the squeezed entirety floor into the transport belt, apply a layer of UV paint consistently by the roller, and after that get bright radiation and enter the broiler for baking. In this handle, the UV paint will be connected twice, and the bright radiation will be connected twice. The purpose of UV paint is to extend the gleam to meet client prerequisites (the brightness of the floor isn’t specifically related to the sum of UV paint, primarily controlled by the brightness of the UV paint).


After the paint is completely cured, the floor is sent to cold water to cool. At last, utilize a cooler to dry the water on the surface. At long last, put it into the ordinary temperature and ordinary state of being. The reason of treating is to fortify the shrinkage and warpage of the PVC floor through warming and cooling on the gathering line.

Shape the floor

The floorıng is warmed by the machine to form it less demanding to punch. Shaping distinctive shapes.


Profiling is carried out concurring to client prerequisites. Balanced by the cut agent concurring to the measure of the floor. After alteration, put the pieces of the floor on the transport belt, to begin with, profiling the long side, at that point the brief side. The profiling machine ensures the tall exactness of press products.

SPC Flooring Groove engraving 

After etching the groove, the surface of the item mirroring the wood/stone/carpet surface is more realistic.

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The floorıng reviewed and does the ultimate cleaning sometime recently entering the box. In specific, it is essential to evacuate self-evident scratches, pollutions, earth, bubbles, color contrast, discoloration, white edges, delamination, collapsing, slope, leftover point, etc. fizzled items. At last seal, the box, check the name and stamp substance accurately.


Data of SPC vinyl floor making machine:

Extruder SJZ80/156
Output 350-400KG
Finished sheet wide 1220mm
Finished sheet thickness 1-8mm
Main motor 75KW
Control PLC

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