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NAME:PVC Foamed Board Production Line

WPC/PVC Celuka Foam Board Extrusion Line


WPC/PVC Celuka Foam Board Production Line, produces plates, boards, sheets, that can replace the natural wood board and plywood. WPC/PVC Celuka Foam Board machine can produce PVC or WPC Foam board with the size from 1220 to 2450 mm, thickness ranging from 5 mm to 50 mm. The end products such as plates, boards, sheets produced by the WPC/PVC Celuka Foam Board Extrusion Line is used in construction and for furniture. This product take an advantage of wood and plastics. It has a natural wood appearance and overcomes the shortcomings of wood. It can be easily processed like wood, sawed, nailed as well as finished with wood tools. Its fixed force is clearly better than normal wood material. It has physical characteristics, such as resistance to compression resistance to impact, and other that are similar to hardwood, and its durable function is clearly better than normal wood. Wood-plastics material and its products can be resistant to strong acid and alkali, waterproof corrosion resistance. Besides, germs can not breed on it. It is not moth-eaten. It can be an ageing resistance static electricity resistance flame retardant.

Where is the WPC/PVC Celuka Foam Board is used?

The end product can be used in making building templates, toy building blocks; tray, package box sleeper, outdoor floor, railings, garden chair, and other outdoor facilities, indicating plate, circulating box, roof beam, and others.

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What is in WPC/PVC Celuka Foam Board Extrusion Line?

1. SRL-Z500/1000 hot-cooling mixer

Capacity 500-700KG/H, driven by 75KW XIMO motor adjust by ABB inverter.
Self-friction & electric heating for the hot mixer, water cooling for the cooling mixer.
Tank wall made of 8 mm thickness stainless steel.

2. Conical double screw extruder with screw loader

Benk’s conical double screw extruder is equipped with a parallel twin screw feeder, which can avoid the PVC powder material block. The extruder adopts 38CrMoAlA screw and barrel, world-famous brand electrical parts such as Siemens, Schneider, Omron, ABB, etc. Equipped with a twin-screw feeder which can feeding material continuously and stables into screw and barrel. The screw feeder is equipped with a limit switch, which is used to guarantee the material loading equal and continuously, or is equipped with a vacuum loader, which can help solve the PVC powder dust problem for the client.

2.1 Suggestions:
Making 5-25 mm thickness free foam board just needs 80/156 conical double screw extruder
Making 25-45 mm thickness free foam board needs 92/188 conical twin-screw extruder
Making 5-25 mm thickness skinning foam board needs 80/156 extruder + 65/132 extruder
Making 25-45 mm thickness skinning foam board needs 92/188 extruder + 80/156 extruder)

3. Extrusion and forming mould + calibration table + cooling bridge

Extruder die adopts T type design. Board thickness is adjustable. That means 5-25 mm thickness, 1220 mm wide foam board only need one extrusion die, unlike profile die, each size needs one set. 5-25 mm thickness boards need one set of T-die. 25-45 mm thickness foam boards need another set of T-die. Forming die (sizing die) is moved up and down by hydraulic, cooled by water, cycling cooling water.

4. Eight-roller haul-off
8 group rubber hauling rollers, driven by a 5.5KW motor, guarantee enough powder for foam board processing. A small device can be added in front of the haul-off to give protect film laminated on the board. 4 cutting saws can be equipped behind the haul-off, and. Up two are side cutters, fixed to cut the wrong sides of the foam board, centre distance 4′. Down two are division cutters. They are moveable, used to cut the board into small wide when required. For example, clients need a 600 mm board, then they can use a division cutter to cut the board into 600 mm and 620 mm, or 600 mm + 600 mm +20 mm. And this 20 mm foam board can be recycled again.

5. Cutter with PLC control

Cutting length can be set by client requirement.


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PVC/WPC Foam Board Extrusion Line Main Technical Parameters:

Main extruder and motor SJZ80/156 conical double screw extruder 75kw
Co-extruder and motor SJZ65/132 conical double screw extruder 37kw
Cooling roller stainless steel
Haul-off 8 roller haul-off 5.5kw
Cutter 2.2kw feeding motor 1.5kw
Output 450kg/h

PVC/WPC Foam Board Extrusion Line Auxiliary machinery

Wood powder making machinery 150-300 kg/h
SRL-Z500/1000 mixer 500-700 kg/h
PC500 crusher 300 kg/h
SMF-500 miller 250-300 kg/h

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