Plastic sheet extruder machine


Benk Machinery Co, LTD can supply Plastic sheet extrusion lines. By this plastic sheet extruder machine line can be poruced sheets/boards with width from 1220 mm to 2800 mm. In this plastic sheet extrusion line can be used PP PC PE raw materials. Along with the full production line, there are other machinery choices. According to the customer’s wish, Benk Machinery Co LTD may offer auxiliary machinery for the production of hollow sheet boxes, which are in high demand, nowadays. 


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What is included in the plastic sheet extruder Line?

The main parts of the plastic sheet extrusion line:

  1. Single screw extruder
  2. Calibration table
  3. Five-roll tractor
  4. Oven
  5. Corona unit
  6. Cooling machine
  7. Two-roll tractor
  8. Transversal cutting machine
  9. Stacker

Plastic sheet extrusion process pdf

Vacuum loader —>

Hopper dryer —>

Single screw extruder —>

Screen changer —>

Calibrator —>

5-roll haul-off machine —>


Corona unit—>

Cooling machine—>

2-roll haul-off machine—>

Crosswise cutter—>


Advantages of Benk Machinery Co LTD’s plastic sheet extrusion machine.

Material Advantage: 

  1. Electrical parts used in the Plastic sheet board production lines are from world-famous brands. Have high quality and long durability.
  2. The production line mainframe is made of  SS304 square steel
  3. Screw and barrel is made from 38CrMoAIA, high-quality alloy steel under nitriding treatment
  4. The screw bulge part is under bimetallic treatment

Service Advantage:

  1. Free consulting on all aspects; starting from choosing equipment up to the product formula.
  2. Consulting in product price-cutting
  3. Free consulting during the production process
  4. All-round testing activities before sales
  5. Strong post-sales services: video or manual technical support, field installation, and workers’ training (in the expense of the customer).


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Technical Datasheet

Model BKE 1400 BKE 1860 BKE 2300 BKE 2600 BKE 3000 BKE 2600(F)
Sheet width (mm) 1220 1700 2100 2450 2800 2450
Sheet thickness (mm) 2-8, 8-12 2-8, 8-12 2-8, 8-12 2-8, 8-12 2-8, 8-12 2-8, 8-12
Extruder model SJ90/SJ100 SJ100/SJ120 SJ120 SJ120 SJ150 SJ120&SJ80
Extruder capacity (kg) 170-190 190-250 260-300 300-350 380-450 340-420
Main motor (kW) 55 55-75 75-90 90-110 132 110+37

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