TPE Profile Extrusion Machines

Benk Machinery Co LTD, as the TPE Profile Extrusion Machines manufacturer company, supplies extrusion machines for TPE extrusion profiles according to customers’ requirements. You will learn five aspects of the extrusion machines through five WH-questions.

What is the TPE profile extrusion line for?

TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) profile extrusion line is used to produce all kinds of TPE Profile, mainly including the following products:

(1) sealing strip for car window and door;

(2) decorative strip;

(3) sealing strips for other applications.

TPE sealing strip

What is the TPE profile extrusion line composed of?

  1. Single screw
  2. Various dies
  3. Water cooling tank
  4. Haul-off machine
  5. Winder

TPE sealing strip extrusion line

What is the TPE profile extrusion process?

Raw material–→ single screw extruder–→ die –→ water cooling tank –→ haul-off machine –→ winder

Pls, refer to the video below (also can refer to the testing video link:

Why choose the TPE profile extrusion machine from Benk Machinery?

The most remarkable advantages of Benk’s TPE profile extrusion line are mainly reflected in three aspects as follows.

Mechanical capacity:

easy operation:

TPE extrusion profiles manufacture without any experience can command the extrusion line operation within two days at most.

Stable operation:

Once the extrusion equipment for TPE profile extrusion is adjusted well within 2 hours(1.5hrs for preheating before start and 0.5hrs for adjusting and observing), it will run stably for 24hrs each day for 27 days a month each time for at least ten years.

Low cost:

If it’s your first time to be manufacturer, invest in the TPE profile extrusion line.

TPE profile extrusion die


Stainless steel:

  • water cooling tank: 2-3 mm SS304
  • machine frame: SS304 square steel

Electric brands:

European and other world-famous brands: Siemens, Schneider, ABB, LS, Omron, Fuji, etc.

Pls, refer to the picture below for details.

world-famous electric brands


All services are free of charge except for field installation. Benk Machinery offers customized services all the time timely.

  • Free problem-solving online
  • Free testing machine service
  • Free progress tracking
  • Free manual or video technical support
  • Free spare parts within 13 months except for man-made damage
  • Free services according to customers’ requirements

What are the common questions about the TPE profile extrusion line?

Customer: I want to count the meters of TPE extrusion profiles, how?

Benk: Equip with one rotary encoder.

Customer: We want a field installation.

Benk: Okay, we will arrange an engineer right now. All costs(engineer payment, airplane ticket, visa fee) are paid by you in cash before the end of field commissioning.


In conclusion, through five WH-questions, you must have learned five aspects of TPE profile extrusion equipment: application, configuration, extrusion process, advantages, common questions.





Model BKE-55 BKE-65 BKE-75
Screw OD (mm) 55 65 75
Power (kw) 15-18.5 18.5-22 20-30
Output (kg/hr.) 40-50 50-60 60-80

Note: The final scheme is designed according to customers’ requirements.

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