SPC Flooring Production Equipment

SPC is a Stone Plastic Composite

SPC is a Stone Plastic Composite, formed by the junction of extruder T-die extrusion SPC base material, with three or four roll calender roller are PVC, PVC color wear-resisting layer film and SPC base material, the disposable heating laminating, embossing and become, is the product does not use glue. Benk Machinery Co LTD‘s SPC PVC Flooring Production Equipment technology is the key to the SPC flooring manufacturing line

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SPC Flooring characteristics Description

The characteristics of the SPC floor:
(1) 100% waterproof, suitable for any indoor area in addition to the outdoor use;
(2) the high environmental protection, zero formaldehyde, food grade;
(3) the fire rating Bf1 level; Highest standard for the floor, applicable to fire control occasions with higher requirements;
(4) high strength wear-resistant;
(5) the moisture-proof prevent slippery, moth-proofing anticorrosive antibacterial;
(6) the foot feels comfortable, sound-absorbing the effect is good.
(7) the installation is simple, maintenance is convenient;
(8) response real wood texture can be adjusted according to need different colors;
(9) WPC floor there are risks deformation at room temperature under 0 ℃;
(10) SPC floor is suitable for the cold (20 ℃) to the extreme heat (60 ℃) use of interior space

SPC flooring has emerged as one of the most popular flooring alternatives due to its versatile features. Whether you are a homeowner looking for innovative flooring or a property manager looking for durable and creative options, SPC flooring is a great alternative for your next construction or renovation project.

With scratch resistance properties, anti-bacterial features, and availability in a wide range of colors and patterns, SPC has emerged as the preferred choice for residential flooring. Unlike conventional, SPC planks are built for high durability. Its dense core and plank thickness provides a more durable and cushioned underfoot to the consumers.

SPC comes in a variety of designs, textures, and styles, which makes it a perfect choice for different home areas. In addition, due to its stone construction, SPC remains stable in environments with temperature variations such as homes with AC units or with humidity fluctuations.

Another great property of SPC flooring is the click-lock installation system. This system makes the installation process easier, as no glue or extra tools are required!

By using our technology you will achieve your goals in setting up the SPC flooring production!


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