PVC Pipes & How is it made?


PVC Pipes & How is it made?

Pvc Pipe production line


PVC Pipes & How is it made?-This is the question that we hear a lot. Here you can get the clarification to this question.

If we compare to the other pipes and fittings, the most universal types of plastic piping,  PVC pipes have been used since the 1950s. Servicing a multitude of applications in different market sectors around the world. PVC pipes are stronger comparing to steel pipes, as well as durable, corrosion-resistant with less risk of succumbing for the heat expansion or contraction. From the marketing point of view, these pipes have different sizes with a range of available fittings. And can be used for cold and warm utilities depending on the PVC variant types.

Where does PVC Pipe Used?

PVC pipes are commonly used for the production of sewerage pipes, water trunk mains, and irrigation. PVC pipes have long-lasting properties, and they are easy to install, lightweight, strong, durable, and easily recyclable, making them cost-efficient and sustainable. PVC pipes have a smooth surface and the liquids flow faster due to low friction than pipes manufactures from steel or concrete. PVC pipes can also be manufactured by different lengths, wall thicknesses and diameters, as per international sizing standards.

How to make PVC Pipe?


The way of PVC pipe production is extrusion of raw material PVC, and following the steps of typical pipe extrusion operations:

  • Feeding of raw material granules/powder into the PVC twin screw extruder
  • Melting and heating in multiple extruder zones
  • Extruding through a die to shape into a pipe
  • Cooling of the shaped pipe
  • Cutting of PVC pipes to the desired length

Besides these all similar production procedures to most plastic pipes, PVC pipes have inner characteristics that give additional challenges to pipe manufacturers both in terms of production. And positioning their products on the market.

In this post we have explained all the step-by-step instructions, please refer to this post for getting more knowledge:

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What are the choices of additives in PVC pipe production line?

The Challenges of PVC Pipe Manufacturing

High Extruder Friction

PVC plastics have a nature in which extruders are subjected to high amounts of friction and stress. This means that to guarantee a long service life and in PVC pipe production it is required to use the specialized extruders that utilize a twin-screw extruder configuration. And featuring robust construction materials that can hold out against the harsh PVC extruder operating conditions.

How To Differ From Competitors

As PVC pipes are one of the most used types of pipes, there is a lot of competition between producers. So to be comparatively unique between the manufacturers is important for PVC pipe producers for to be distinctive from their competitors. Both in terms of delivering consistent product quality and offering a wide range of end products at competitive prices. Such distinction can be reached through the use of higher class manufacturing equipment, that maximizes productivity while minimizing expenses and has the capacity to produce a wide variety of PVC pipe sizes. BENK MACHINERY CO LTD offers a range of effective turnkey solutions that guarantee this type of effective operation and maximize savings.

Providing A Comprehensive Product Range

PVC pipes can be produced in different sizes and diameters, and for each size, there are a variety of fittings. Hence, it is highly desirable for PVC pipe producers to present the market with a comprehensive range of products.


BENK MACHINERY CO LTD offers complete turnkey production lines for PVC pipe production. Twin-screw PVC extruders come in a wide range of types and sizes to suit clients’ production needs. BENK MACHINERY CO LTD offers a variety of PVC production lines that can produce pipes from as small as 16 mm and as large as 630 mm. No matter what the client needs, BENK MACHINERY CO LTD offers machinery and configurations for all stages of the production line to guarantee the fast, efficient and reliable manufacture of PVC pipes.


Get more information regarding our PVC pipe production lines and how to become an independent manufacturer here!



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