PPR Pipe Production Line Introduction

PPR/PE plastic water pipe extrusion production line making machine is specially designed by Benk Machinery co., ltd. It can be used to produce PPR pipe, PE pipe, PP pipe in the one machine. High speed design let it output more than double compare to the normal type with less power.


PPR Pipe Production Line Configuration

    • SJ series single screw extruder
    • SJ 25/25 co-extruder
    • extrusion die
    • vacuum forming tank
    • haul-off
    • dustless cutter unit
    • stacker.

PPR Pipe Production Line Flow chart

PPR granules → vacuum feeder → hopper dryer → single screw extruder → marking line co-extruder → mould and calibrator → vacuum calibration tank → cooling tank →printer → haul off machine →cutting machine → stacker


PPR Pipe Production Line Characteristics

  1. Capacity: new design high speed single screw extruder, suitable to process PE / PPR resin with high capacity, 20-63 mm pipe can produce with double-outlet type, which can produce two pipes at one time with one die.  20 mm pipe can stably run at 25 m / min.

2. Diameter: from 16 to 2000 mm for PE pipe, 16-160 mm for PPR pipe

3. Adopt reasonable design, absorbing safe producing technology, acquiring CE & ISO certificate.

4. Use world famous brand electric parts, such as SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, ABB, CRYDOM etc. 

PPR Pipe Production Line Parameters

Type Pipe spec (mm) Extruder Max output (kg/h) Total power (kw)
KPM-PPR-63 (single) 20 – 63 SJ 65 / 33 100-120 110
KPM-PPR-63 (double) 20 – 63 SJ 60 / 38 250-350 150
KPM-PERT-32 (low speed) 16 – 32 SJ 55 / 33 80-100 110
KPM-PERT-32 (high speed) 16 – 32 SJ 65 / 33 180-220 140


PPR Pipe Production Line Application

PPR pipe extrusion production line is widely used in house, mart, hospital, stadium and country water supply as well as the warm-radiating field.

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