PP/PS Thermoforming Sheet Production Line

PP/PS thermoforming/stationery/print sheet line:

Cups, lids, trays and blister packs are produced from sheets in large volume in a subsequent thermoforming process. With PP/PS thermoforming/stationery/print sheet line sheet lines, both thermoforming companies and sheet manufacturers have the optimum tool in hand. To achieve high-quality results in the final packaging product.  We have built up a vast wealth of experience during many years in this area and can offer inline or offline solutions to our customers.

Our high-performance lines never compromise on delivering the best sheet quality. They are designed for minimum energy consumption at maximum production capacity. These lines give our customers decisive advantages even in the toughest competitive environments, standing out from the pack with the following components:

Our high-speed extruders (HSE), have been specially developed for these lines and will take your production to new levels.

Our engineers have a vast and varied wealth of knowledge at their disposal, enabling them to perfectly design dedicated to your specific demands and markets. And this knowledge will pay off for you too.

PP/PS single layer or multi-layer sheet is widely used for food and electrical component package. PP transparent, dull sheet, two-color sheet used in the stationery sheet. We are able to supply a multi-layer sheet line as customer’s requirements.

Thermoforming Sheet produced by PP/PS Thermoforming Sheet Production Line is characterized by excellent resistance to gas and excellent processing, and excellent transparency, gloss, mechanical strength, scalability, wear resistance, cold resistance and surface strength.

PP/PS Thermoforming Sheet Production Line Main Technical Specification

Species Thermoforming Sheet, Stationery/print sheet
Thickness (mm) 0.15-2.0
Width (mm) 600-1500
Material PP、PS、HIPS
Output (kg/h) 100-1200kg/h


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