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  • Hard Plastics Washing line


NAME:PP/PE Hard Materials Washing Line

PP/PE Hard Plastics Washing Line 


Regarding Hard Plastics Washing, Recycling, Pelletizing business, all these became one of the most important business activities lately. Hard Plastics recycling business attracts investors from the point that returns give good profit and the investment returns percentage is getting higher and higher. If we see our surroundings, we can see lots of plastics in our daily life. Lots of different plastics materials we may recycle. Among them, PE bottles used for milk, food containers, detergent bottles, body care, shampoo bottles, and motor oil bottles. These are all we can count as hard plastics which can be recycled with our Hard Plastics Washing, pelletizing machinery. That hard material section can be recycled by the equipment produced by Benk Machinery Co LTD.

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What is included in the PP/PE Hard Plastics Washing line?

  • Sorting prewashing
  • Wet grinding
  • Hot washing
  • Separation
  • Centrifugation
  • Drying

Then, the washed material is conveyed to Benk Machinery pelletizing system for the further recycling process.

Estimated Plant Parameters

Capacity (kg/h) Power Installed (kW) Required Area Manpower Compressed Air (m3/min) Water supply (m3/h)
6OO 162 600 4 0.4 3
1000 2S0 800 4 0.4 4
2000 368 1000 4 0.4 4

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