PP Hollow Construction Formwork Equipment

As pp hollow construction formwork equipment manufacturer, Benk Machinery Co LTD, supplies pp hollow construction production line for producing  915 mm/1220 mm/2440 mm wide pp hollow construction formwork. (Want to know more about the finished product, pls click pp hollow construction formwork.)

pp hollow construction formwork machine

PP Hollow Construction Formwork Equipment Configuration

Main equipment configuration(2440 mm co-extrusion line)
1 SJ-120 single screw extruder One set
2 SJ-90 single screw extruder One set
3 hydraulic quick-change screen two sets
4 metering pumps two sets
5 dispensers One set
6 hollow construction board molds One set
7 cooling calibration platform One set
8 cooling brackets and trimming devices One set
9 traction device One set
10 cutting machine One set
11 stacking rack One set
12 30P chiller One set
13 vertical drying mixer One set
14 electrical control system One set


PP Hollow Construction Formwork Extrusion Process

pp hollow construction formwork production line

screw loader-→ SJ90/SJ120/SJ120+SJ90/customized equipped with melt pump-→

screen changer(s)-→ pp hollow construction formwork extrusion die-→

calibration table equipped with chiller-→ cooling bracket with side blades-→

first tractor-→ cooling bracket-→second tractor-→transversal cutting machine-→ stacker

Pls, refer to the video below to know better about the production process. (or refer to the video link: https://youtu.be/FXN6I7zMJrk)


Benk Machinery Co LTD’s plastic hollow construction formwork machine’s three advantages

Stable operation:

The hollow construction formwork machine can run for 24hrs each day for 27days at a time for regular overhaul. And the plastic hollow construction formwork production line can be used for at least ten years.

High output:

Take small plastic building formwork (915*1830mm, 12-20 mm thick) for example, Benk Machinery Co LTD’s PP hollow construction formwork extrusion machine can produce 550-800 pieces a day. Each square of such a plate is 8 kg.

You can count the max. output one day. It is about 10720 kg/day.

Equip crusher for recycling waste templates:

The waste formwork can be recycled 100% through a crusher, realizing zero material waste.

crusher for recycling waste formwork


Want to know more about the hollow construction formwork machine such as calculation of cost and profit and feasibility report or related product, pls do not hesitate to contact us. And welcome to visit our factory and our customer factory!






Model BKE120 BKE120+90 BKE75 BKE85+52 BKE75+55
Mould Width 915mm 1220mm 915mm 1220mm 915mm 1220mm 915mm 1220mm 915mm、1220mm
Mould Thickness 12-20mm 12-20mm 12-20mm 12-20mm 12-20mm
Mould Structure Single layer  

Three layers


Single layer


Three layers


Three layers


(915mm wide)


550 pieces 700 pieces 550 pieces 800-1000 pieces 800-1000 pieces

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