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NAME:Plastic Pulverizer Machine

High-efficient Plastic Pulverizer Machine

What is a Plastic Pulverizer Machine?

A plastic miller aka Plastic Pulverizing Machine is used for milling the waste PVC into the powder. This powder can be reused in extruding.

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Where the Plastic Machine for Pulverizing is used?

Pulverizer is widely used by any plastics manufacturing factories. Mostly in PVC pipe plants, PVC profile plants, and PVC sheet plants in different countries.

This machine works stable with low noise, and it is dust-free.  

A plastic Pulverizing Machine can make 80-100mesh powder for plastic, and a vibrating screen is installed in the machine to screen the big size particles. Then it returns to the miller for re-milling once more to the size that we want.

The capacity of the Plastic Pulverizing Machine is from 120 kg/h to 800 kg/h, and it is energy efficient, with high output. Along with these, our pulverizers have auto feeders, fan conveying, and cyclone separators.

In Plastic Pulverizing Machine production, we use high standard stainless steel, as well as a special design for the knife in the miller which all can extend the service life. 

What is the price of a Plastic Pulverizer Machine?

The price of the Plastic Pulverizer Machine may vary according to the customer’s capacity and optional machines, Please refer to us for the price quotation.  

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Technical Datasheet

Model SMF400 SMF500 SMF600 SMF800
Diameter 280 480 580 780
Motor power 22KW 37KW 45KW 75KW
Capacity 120-200KG 150-400KG 200-550KG 400-850KG
Fineness 15-120 mesh 15-120 mesh 15-120 mesh 15-120 mesh
Material PVC/PET/PS/PET etc.


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