PE/TPO/EVA/PVC Waterproof Geomembrane Sheet Production Line introduction:

PE/TPO/EVA/PVC Waterproof Geomembrane Sheet Production Line. Widely used in cars, trains, airport, hotel and another public places, as well as home decoration. The tunnel drainage, foundation moisture-proof, leak-proof, landfill engineering field, construction site, swimming pool, reservoir, etc.

The manufacturing of geomembranes begins with the production of the raw materials. Which include the polymer resin, and various additives such as antioxidants, plasticizers, fillers, carbon black, and lubricants (as a processing aid). These raw materials (i.e., the “formulation”) are then processed into sheets of various widths and thickness by extrusion, calendering, and/or spread coating.

Physical properties

The main physical properties of geomembranes in the as-manufactured state are:

  • Thickness (smooth sheet, textured, asperity height)
  • Density
  • Melt flow index
  • Mass per unit area (weight)
  • Vapor transmission (water and solvent).

They are available in different widths and packed in rolls joined by different techniques such as thermofusion, welding, adhesive, vulcanization methods, etc. Although there are different types of geomembranes, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are the most widely known. Thanks to their high resistance to tear over time, they are used for waterproofing in the construction of embankments and reservoirs. However, there are other products such as the EPDM or polyethylene sheets that can be used for other applications, mainly for roof waterproofing, protection of agricultural lands or facades protection and waterproofing, The waterproof sheets have a great resistance to chemical agents and  U.V. rays, it acts as a barrier against the passage of liquids and gases, resistance to impact, acids and extreme temperatures. We are able to provide equipment for the production of waterproof sheets of different weights.

PE/TPO/EVA/PVC Waterproof Geomembrane Sheet Production Line Main Technical Specification

Width 1000-5000 mm 1000-8000 mm
Thickness 1-3 mm 1-3 mm
Capacity 400-800 kg/h 400-1000 kg/h

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