• PEPP-Flakes-Granulating-Line


NAME:PE, PP Flakes Pelletizing Line

PE/PP Flakes Granulating Line 

In PP/PE Flakes Granulating Line there is used high-performance single screw-extruder. A single screw is suitable for: plastic raw materials like PE, PP, ABS, PC, PET, etc. as well as recycling for plastic film, bottle flakes and engineering plastic. Non-stop screen changers can realize high production capacity. And different materials will adopt different cutting ways: water-ring, stripping cutting, under-water cutting, ect. The whole line adopts PLC controlled system and a large liquid crystal screen, which makes the operation very convenient.

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Suitable for PE, ASP.PS, PP, and other recycling material


  • Suitable for pelletizing of crushed hard plastics such as plastic pipes, plastic bottles, plastic tanks, and drums, etc.
  • Machines are suitable for PP, PE material by changing die head;
  • Cutting method: water-ring & strip & under-water cutting;
  • Screen changer: self-invented full automatic self-cleaning (non-stopping);
  • Lower noise, lower energy consumption, lower melt temperature, glorious results, easy maintenance.

Technical data

Model SJ90 SJ100 SJ120 SJ150 SJ180
Main motor power (KW) 75 90-110 110-132 160-200 220-315
Output (KW) 180-220 250-350 350-450 500-600 650-1000


Model Capacity(kg/hr) Screw Size(mm) L/D ratio Energy consumption
SJ90  150-200 90 30 0.2-0.3
SJ120 250-350 120 30 0.2-0.3
SJ150 400-500 150 30 0.2-0.3
SJ180 600-700 180 30 0.2-0.3
SJ200 800-900 200 30 0.2-0.3

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