PE Pipe Production Line video


PE Pipe Production Line video

PE Pipe Production Line

All the machinery produced by our company tested in our factory before the shipment to the end-users in the different parts of the world. With proper logistic service, your equipment will reach your premises in a short time. Our client-oriented after-sales service team will be in touch with you at any time. As well as the PE Pipe Production Line video here we presented the whole line illustration for your reference. For the detailed specifications of the machines, we will be glad to answer your questions here via WhatsApp, Telegram, and email. Our Marketing team specialists and experienced engineers will share their knowledge and will be useful to find the right way for you. We are open to communications and are eager to organize the right production process for you. Do not hesitate to contact us with any related questions that arose. Your feedback and requests will be appreciated. We are here to help you 24/7.

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HDPE pipe extrusion line Flow chart

PE granules→ vacuum feeding machine → hopper dryer → single screw extruder → color code extruder → mould and calibrator → vacuum forming machine → cooling tank → haul off machine → cutting machine → discharging rack/winder/coil machine

HDPE pipe extrusion line Main Features

1. It’s suitable for PE, PP, and other polyolefin pipes high-speed extrusion.
2. It’s greatly reputed by the customers due to “European performance”.
3. The whole equipment can be controlled by the PLC smart modular. Furthermore, the automatic control, real-time data record, and closed-loop control can be realized.
4. The advantages are high output, high adaptability for different raw materials, high stability good-quality extrusion, and so on.
5. Adopts reasonable design, absorbing safe producing technology, acquiring CE & ISO certificate.
6.using world-famous brand electric parts, such as SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, ABB, CRYDOM, etc. 

PE Pipe Production Line


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