• high speed extruder
  • 1. Automatic Vacuum Loader, Hopper dryer
  • Extruder die from Benk Machinery co ltd
  • Dust Free Cutter
  • Haul Off Unit


NAME:PE High Speed High Efficient Extrusion Line 16-2500mm

PE High-Speed High-Efficiency Pipe Extrusion Solution 16-2500 mm


Benk Machinery Co LTD, can provide a full turnkey high-speed PE pipe extrusion line for PE pipe production. We are able to suggest a various range of single-screw extruders in different sizes and production capacities. We can consult you in choosing the screw according to your material or materials combination usage in the production process,  (including HDPE, PE, LLDPE, LDPE and etc.), whilst ensuring stable homogeneous mixing. Because it is important for better plastification and efficiency. We suggest to our customer’s full sets of equipment for various pipe classes (S/PN/SDR/DN) required in the industry. Configurations of our production lines are various. This PE pipe production line diameter range is 16-2500 mm.


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What’s included in the High-speed PE Pipe Production Line?

All the high-speed PE pipe extrusion line comes with all the necessary machinery that customer needs to start manufacturing high-quality PE pipe. Including the best quality single screw extruder to the coiling machines. We will strive for the customers for their successful start their PE pipe manufacturing.

The main machines of the production line are as follows:

Single Screw Extruder 

The most important part of any pipe production line is the pipe extruder machine; its functions are to heat, mix and extrude ready end product – PE pipe.

Vacuum & Cooling Tank

The main function of this machine is vacuuming and cooling,  hence this helps to keep pipes roundness and uniform look.

Haul Off (Tractor) Machine

The main function of this machine is to pull the pipe from the extruder and vacuum and cooling tank, as well as controlling the thickness of the extruding pipe.


The main function of the Cutter is to cut the pipe for the required length. The size of the pipe can be easily controlled through the touchscreen interface.


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Main Technical Parameters

Model Pipe diameter range (mm) Extruder model Extruder motor power (kW) Мах. Output (kg/h)
BNK-63 Ф 20-63 BNK60/38 90 450
BNK-110 Ф20-110 BNK60/38 110 500
BNK-160 Ф40-160 BNK60/38 110 500
BNK-250 Ф 50-250 BNK75/38 160 680
BNK-400 Ф160-400 BNK90/38 250 1000
BNK-630 Ф 280-630 BNK90/38 280 1100
BNK-800 Ф315-800 BNK120/38 315 1300
BNK-1200 Ф500-1200 BNK120/38 355 1400
BNK-1600 Ф1000-1600 BNK90/38&BNK90/38 250+250 2000
BNK-2000 Ф1000-2000 BNK90/38&BNK90/38 280+280 2200

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