NAME:PE double stage water-ring pelletizing line

PE Double Stage Water-ring Pelletizing Line   



Detailed Product Description

This plastic pelletizing line is the ideal equipment for recycled plastic pelletizing. e.g. РЕ, PP film scrap, HDPE, PP industrial flakes. This line is of new design, reasonable configuration, steady operation, low noise, low consumption and high output.

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  1. A high-efficient force-feeder ensures high capacity feeding, low energy consumption
  2. Single screw extruder Equipped with specially designed screw & barrel, venting system, has a very good output capacity.
  3. Plastic pelletizer style: water-ring cutting with extrusion mold, even cutting ensures good shape.
  4. Auxiliary machine: pellets cooling & classifying.

Technical data

Upper order machine SJ100 SJ120 SJ150 SJ180
Main motor power 90-110 kW 110-132 kW 160-200 kW 200-315 kW
Lower order machine SJ120 SJ150 SJ180 SJ200
Main engine power 30 kW 37 kW 45 kW 55/75 kW
Yield 250-350 kg/h 350-450 kg/h 500-600 kg/h 650-1000 kg/h

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