Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Machine 1600mm

It is self-evident that the melt-blown nonwoven fabric machine is used to produce the melt-blown nonwoven fabric. The most obvious characteristic of the 1600 mm melt-blown nonwoven fabric machine is its high output, 1.5-2t/day.

With the machine, PP granules with other agents are melted and then blown by hot air and strong wind into a web directly. The melt-blown nonwoven fabric produced, with good air permeability and filtering ability, is widely used as the mask filter layer.

1600mm meltblown nonwoven cloth machine



Now let’s learn about the production line through three aspects: machine list, technical parameters, and manufacturing process.

1. 1600mm pp melt-blown non woven fabric machine list:

machine list:

No. Machine list Qty.
1 vacuum loader 1set
2 Single screw extruder 1set
3 screen changer 1set
4 melt pump 1set
5 Mould 1set
6 Spinneret plate 1set
7 Air heater 1set
8 Gas tank 1set
9 Air compressor or Roots blower 1set
10 Frozen type compressed air drying machine 1set
11 Web Former machine 1set
12 centrifugal ventilator 1set
13 Slitting Machine 1set
14 Winder 1set

Machine function:

vacuum loader: load mixed raw material into the hopper
Single screw extruder: melt and plasticize material
screen changer: filter impurities in melted material
melt pump: make extrusion stable
Mould: used with spinneret for melt blown
Spinneret plate: spraying melted material through
Air heater: supply heat to material in the mould
Gas tank: store air
Air compressor or Roots blower: give high pressure to melted material in mold chamber
Frozen type compressed air drying machine
Web Former machine: receiving melt-blown fabric
centrifugal ventilator: cool melt-blown fabric and make it dense
Slitting Machine: cut melt-blown fabric into required width
Winder: wind melt-blown fabric for package

web forming machine

2.1600mm melt-blown fabric making machine technical parameters:

Technical parameters
single screw extruder sj90/30
motor power 45kw
power consumption 400kw
output per day 1.5-2t/day
mold width 1600mm
machine size (L*W*H, m) 12*8*4.5

sj90 single screw extruder

3. 1600mm pp melt-blown non woven fabric manufacturing process:

mixed raw material —> vacuum loader—> sj90 single screw extruder—> screen changer —>melt pump —> mould—>spinneret—>web forming machine —>slitting machine—>winder

Please refer to the video link for a clear manufacturing process.

If you are interested in the 1600 mm melt-blown non-woven fabric machine, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.



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