NAME:Lithium Battery Material Mixer

Lithium Battery Material Mixer

Application & Characteristic

SHRL series special mixer for lithium battery powder is mainly for premixing of lithium battery powder. It makes additives in hot mixing go on into lithium battery powder, exhausting rest air in hot mixing material, with characteristics like uniformed mixing. It can meet lithium battery powder production process and equipment requirements; and is a must for the lithium battery factory. This mixer with stable quality, sturdy and durable characteristics .easy operation, compact structure is widely used in lithium battery industry

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Technical parameters

Model Capacity (kg) Effective volume (L) Motor power (kW) Main shaft speed (rpm) Output (KW)
LD100 35 7S 30 1300 2.2
LD200 80 1S0 SS 950 2.2
LD300 120 22Б 7S 950 2.2
LD 6OO 180 375 90 860 2.2
LD 800 280 S60 132 740 2.2
LD 1000 380 700 200 600 2.2


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