How to Set Cutting Length Step by Step?


How to Set Cutting Length of Pipe, Board, Sheet or Profile?

Do you feel difficult to set cutting length for a new cutter?


Setting cutting length isn’t complicated. It’s quite simple- or at least the cutter from Benk Machinery is.

pipe cutting machine

In this post, you will learn the two ways to set cutting length:

  1. Set by the limit switch
  2. Set by the rotary encoder

pipe cutting machine


  • Set by the limit switch

  1. Turn the Manual/Auto knob to the Auto state.
  2. Place the limit switch on the stacker ? meters (decided by the customer himself) away from the cutting blade, now the fixed length is set well. When the tube touches the limit switch, the cutting machine starts cutting.

set cutting length by limit switch


  • Set by the rotary encoder

rotary encoder for setting cutting length


The rotary encoder can be prepared by the customer.


rotary encoder diagram for cutting length setting

  1. Connect the encoder to 24V, 0V, X0, X1.
  2. Enter the length(mm) manually and set the encoder coefficient. (Pls refer to the video below. Also can refer to the link:, if you can’t check the video below.)

Encoder coefficient = encoder circumference (inner circle) / encoder resolution(can check on encoder directly)

Note: Observe whether the actual length is negative on the interface while the encoder is running. If it is, swap X0 and X1.


  1. After setting well, the encoder will automatically count the meter. For example, set the length to 5 meters, it will automatically cut as soon as reaching 5 meters.

board or sheet cutting machine


Note: After cutting the plastic product, measure the length with a flexible rule. If there is any deviation, then re-accurately set the rotary encoder coefficient according to the above formula.


Finally, pay attention to the yellow light. If it is lit, it means there is something wrong with the cutting machine. At this time, the fault should be dealt with first, then the dust-free cutting machine can cut as the set length, or it will fail to do so.

small pipe cutter

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