How to start and operate the plastic pipe production line correctly?


Operating Regulations for Plastic Pipe Production Line

How to start and operate the plastic pipe production line correctly?

How to start pipe plant

I. Preparations

1. Check whether the air and water system of the plastic pipe production line is smooth and whether there is leakage.

2. Check tractor adjustment, three-dimensional movement of vacuum box, easy, reliable and flexible operation of cutting machine, and whether there is obstruction.

II. Boot-up sequence

1. Preheating and heating: Turn on the switch of the main power supply and carry out the parameters of the temperature control instruments in each heating area according to the technological requirements.

Set up.

2. Observe whether the temperature rise of each section is normal, and confirm that the temperature control instruments are working normally. When the temperature reaches the set value,

Keep warm for 2 hours.

3. Start the main motor of the plastic extruder to increase the screw speed from low to high. Open hopper insert of plastic extruder

The plate is discharged into the barrel.

4. Observe the color state of the die outlet and the current value of the extruder, and adjust the temperature and speed in time according to the process.

5. Start the vacuum pump and spray pump to adjust the vacuum in the box.

6. Connect the extruded pipe port with the guide pipe, manually pull it into the tractor clamp, start the tractor and

Adjust the traction speed to match the extrusion quantity.

7. Adjust the air pressure at each action point of the cutting machine and set the length of the pipe so that the cutting machine is in a standby state.

8. In the initial stage, the inner and outer surface of the pipe may not be bright and smooth enough, and the diameter, wall thickness, and roundness of the pipe may be slightly slight.

After running for a period of time, it can be achieved better by adjusting the process temperature, positioning of die core, and vacuum degree.


III. Shutdown Sequence

1. Stop feeding. Gradually reduce the main screw speed, exhaust the remaining material in the barrel. Normally,

It is not necessary to remove the screw to remove the material in the barrel after shutdown, but it must be pushed clean by the cleaning material. After cleaning, close the hopper plug of the plastic extruder, adjust the main engine speed to zero and press the stop button.

2. Close vacuum pump, sprinkler pump, tractor, cutter and heater in turn.

3. Close the intake valve. Clean the whole unit surface.

4. Registration and use of operating records.


1. Prevent burns, electric shock and other safety incidents; Do not put your hand into the rotating and pneumatic parts in the operation of the equipment, and disassemble the protective shields during the operation is strictly prohibited!

2. Pay attention to the transmission system of and the abnormal sound in the barrel of the plastic pipe production line.

3. Pay close attention to whether the lubrication, temperature control, heating and cooling systems are normal and there is no leakage.

4. Impurities are not allowed in the material. Hard materials such as metal and sand are strictly prohibited from entering the hopper.

5. The screw is only allowed to start at low speed, and the idling time should not be too long.

6. Before starting the machine again, the barrel must be fully preheated and kept warm. If necessary, a small amount of raw materials can be added to the barrel and the stored materials can be extruded at low speed. Pipe mould must be opened and cleaned after each use to ensure smooth, otherwise Coke will be produced.

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