NAME:High Speed Hdpe Pipe Production Line – Production Line Brief introduction

High-speed HDPE Pipe Production Line Specification

Benk Machinery Co LTD’s one of the latest news in our technology series is the high-speed HDPE pipe production line. This production line includes the latest innovative solutions in itself.  The high-speed pipe production line adopts European technology. The new HDPE pipe production line has noticeable advantages compared to the other same-type production lines. 

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1. Automatic Vacuum Loader 

1. Automatic Vacuum Loader, Hopper dryer


Temperature is controlled by the highly trusted Omron Temperature meter and the heater is made of stainless steel grade SS 304.

2. Gravimetric Weighing System


Gravimetric-Weighing-SystemIn this type of weighing system, we considered using an Intelligent control system of feeding. Assuming that, this Intelligent control system has direct effect on the whole HDPE manufacturing process, we equipped our high-speed HDPE pipe production line with sensors of world-famous precise METTLER TOLEDO. It has an ability of precisely controlling the pipe’s weight and thickness.

European standard extruder


high speed extruder

3. The third noticeable point is that each section of materials of the extruder screw barrel has a special design, and we arrange to take into consideration the needs of the client. On the feeding section, there is a water cooling jacket that keeps the feeding section temperature low, which supports the process of feeding material smooth and stable. Our special design screw and barrel has Bi-metallic treated surface. And thus the life of equipment lasts 30% longer compared to the normal design. Our screw adopts a European design. The ratio of L/D can be 40:1. And by this, we can reach the increase of screw speed. By this process, we increase capacity under the same quality plastic melting condition. Our machine is able to melt 5.5 kg/kW, whereas the traditional machine’s melting capacity is 4-4.5 kg/kW.

Annual usage of our machines can save electricity that will result in the return of machine cost.

A matter of fact is that the ceramic heater heats faster, and the outer layer of the heater is insulated with thermal insulation cotton. This insulation saves you heating consumption up to 10%.

4. Die Mold

In our machine designed we have used spiral structured die mold. This kind of design is easily installed and dismantled comparing to the other traditional die molds. The design of the Runner is performed according to the different materials. It has a polished and nitride-treated surface. All the parts of the die mold are processed with CNC machines. The quality inspection is coordinated with a 3D coordinate system. As a client, if you compare others die mold manufacturers then you will notice that our die mold body is larger than other manufacturers. This provides the melting process inside the machine complete and provides smooth running. In each size, we can change different pins and bush easily. The copper sleeve that we use in the water ring structure has a much longer lifespan than the traditional ones. This conduces stable pipe quality and solid inner molecular material.



5. Vacuum Tank

The length of our vacuum tank is 9 meters long, and it has 2 vacuum chambers. The water levers can be easily seen because they are located outside the tank, which is easy to inspect. In the water inlet and outlet system, we use a machinery expansion valve. The water lever temperature is more stable and precise. All the vacuum pumps have inverters. In this way, controlling water flow is more precise and less noise. The Inner spraying system adopts a European spraying nozzle, that envisages more and equal water flow on the pipe surface. It provides equal and complete pipe cooling.

In our new pipe production line, we adopt the new system which adjusts the inner height. The steel chain connects every pipe supporter. The chains through the outside gearbox control these supporters. This way would save lots of time for changing during the production of different pipe diameters. And this is really easy when tuning.

double room vacuum tank



6. Water Cooling Tank

Inverters control water flow. Less noise. Nozzle sprays conform to the European standard. Much more water flow, spray. Equally, spraying. More complete cooling.

Water Cooling Tank

Water Cooling Tank 1








7. Haul Off Unit

All haul-off chains conform to the British Standard BS12B. They are more durable than traditional ones.

The motors used in the production have Servo motor. The strength of the servo motors is more than AC motors when running at low speed. The rubber used in the production line is high quality. It does not scratch the pipe surface. Each claw has an independent motor control. This keeps haul off strength and speed more stable. The quality of the pipe is directly proportional to the stable speed of haul-off. Even if you have a good quality extruder and die mold, without a good and stable haul-off system you cannot produce high-quality pipe. In addition, the timing system plays an important role when starting it can save much time for tracking the pipe at the beginning.

Haul Off Unit


8. Dust Free Cutter

Our cutting machine adopts the identical design of the European Kraussmafi pipe cutter. Components include the original Italian hydraulic system, alloy saw blade, PLC control system. Clamping system. Which is easy to operate for different pipe sizes. All these elements provide smooth and precise cutting. Cutting length controlled by infrared ray encoder.

Dust Free Cutter


9. Stacker

Roller type stacker

 Roller type stacker

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