HDPE Pipe Production Problems & Solutions


HDPE Pipe Production Problems & Solutions

For HDPE pipe producers, especially in the large-diameter HDPE pipe production process(https://youtu.be/nCpoqhMozws), there must be some HDPE pipe production headaches. In this passage, BENK Machinery will introduce 7 most common problems and corresponding solutions for producers’ reference.

HDPE pipe production machine

HDPE pipe production problems and solutions table

Common problems Causes Solutions

1. The outer surface is shiny and transparent (commonly known as eye-clear)

1. die head temperature too high 1. lower die head temperature
2. cooling water not enough or uneven 2. increase cooling water or clean sizing sleeve

2. The deep corrugation on the outer surface of the pipe

The sizing die is not centered. Keep the sizing box and the die on the same axis

3. The inner surface is rough

1. The raw materials are wet 1. The raw materials are dried, or pretreated
2. The core mold temperature is low 2. Increase the temperature or extend the holding time
3. The excessive gap between the die and the core mold 3. Change core mold
4. The die shaping section is too short 4. Change the die with a longer shaping section

4. The inner wall of the tube is corrugated

1. The output of the extruder changes and the feeding is unstable 1. Reduce the temperature in the screw feeding area
2. The tractor is slipping 2. Adjust the traction air pressure
3. Uneven cooling of pipes 3. Regulate waterway

5. Pits on the inner wall of the tube

1. raw material water content high 1. Preheat and dry raw material
2. Poor dispersibility of fillers, unplasticized, with impurities 2. change or clean raw materials adjust the temperature

6. Uneven pipe wall thickness

1. Misalignment of die 1. Concentricity adjustment of die
2. Uneven die temperature 2. Adjust temperature
3. Traction machine, sizing sleeve, die are not aligned 3. Keep on the same axis
4. The distance between the sizing sleeve and the die is too far 4. decrease the distance

7. The roundness of the pipe is not good, and it is bent

1. The center position of the die and core die is not correct 1. Adjust the concentricity
2. The uneven temperature around the machine head 2. Adjust the temperature
3. The cooling water is too close to the die 3. Adjust the cooling water position
4. Excessive spraying of cooling water 4. Adjust nozzle angle
5. Cooling water spray is too small 5. Clean up the waterway
6. The water level is too high 6. Drain
7. Too much pressure on the tractor 7. Adjust air pressure

Welcome to contact us for solutions to HDPE pipe production problems. And welcome to consult our HDPE pipe production line( https://www.benkextruder.com/hdpe-pe-pipe-making-machine/ ).


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