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2021 Advanced High-efficient Aptitude PP/PE Geogrid Production Line

full automatic multy mixing system

1 . Full automatic multi-component automatic mixing system


♦ Imported from Europe original binding quality measurement system: High measuring accuracy, Weight gain and weightlessness measurement system, Screw type precision feeding, High repeat precision, Measured Accurately.
♦ Europe famous brand automatic mixing system: Italy famous brand mixing machine, intelligence center control, with communication and spreading function, will realize the communication and control with the main controller.
♦ Multi-component automatic metering feeding material: According to the production product performance requirements, will meet the multi-component mixing metering charging at the same time, 4 components or 6 components automatic metering system, Flexible control corresponding proportion of components and combination(Such as 6 components can be adapted to 1-6 kinds of raw materials metering mixing charging).
♦ With the formula storage function: A key switch related formula, More than 200 groups of formula storage capacity, Production product switch more convenient, more reliable product quality.
♦ Italy Dega S.P.A brand, 4 components (main material, accessory, flame retardant, color masterbatch)


2. PLC control system, Siemens Brand.

<l> PLC Production Line: Temperature, Speed, Pressure, Formula storage

  • Siemens S7 Series of PLC applies PID Multichannel intelligent temperature control module to realize the intelligent temperature closed-loop control, Dual channel alarm output, and High precision temperature control.
  • The design of an online speed synchronization system can realize variable Synchronization control of host speed and auxiliary machinery speed. It has an automatic detection feedback system to realize automatic speed adjustment.
  • The extrusion pressure automatic alarm system can detect extrusion pressure automatically. It has an overpressure acousto-optic alarm system to ensure production process safety and reliability.
  • Control platform: Host Control and auxiliary machinery control can realize the function of communication, online joint control and interlock, read each other and share data. It also can realize effective control and monitoring according to the set of permissions.
  • Formula data: the design of formula a key storage function can realize Storage and handling of 2000 groups of formula. One key can track and adjust automatically.
  • Remote control function: It has a remote control function, to realize remote monitoring and diagnosis of operating data by Ethernet. It also can use the cloud database to realize data storage and update.

<2> Punch:Close double point high speed punching machine, has the features of strong rigidity, and good stability. It has Siemens auto-control system to realize the automatic control of punching activity. It also has Servo feed system and Pulse servo feed system to realize multistage speed closed-loop control automatically and precise control.


3. Retainer device 3 sets, to prevent the sheet to the ground

  • Retainer device 3 sets Constant tension control system, automatically adjust the production line in the intermediate links length of remaining material, automatically adjust the speed of front and back auxiliary equipment.


4. Preloaded storage device

  • Constant tension preloaded discharging device, to realize automatic cutting without remaining material. According to the production line speed, adjust the lifting speed rate automatically. The loading device starts automatically, constant tension control, full-automatic closed-loop control.


5. Multi- roller longitudinal tensile device
  • Multi-roller multilevel longitudinal tensile orientation adopts independent patent technology, curve stretching step by step, high control precision, can realize large tensile processing product orientation. Rollers are all made of medium carbon steel surface carburizing and electroplating processing. The double spiral heat conduction oil channel has the feature of a small difference of the axial temperature and high precision of temperature control.

Multi- roller longitudinal tensile device


6. Geogrid automatic transverse cutting and winding, strapping device
  • Single-direction and double direction geogrid can automatic fixed-length and high speed cutting in horizontal. PLC adopts closed-loop process control, scrolldesign with pneumatic clamping device, automatic tape strapping systems, program control automatic volume device. To realize the fully automatic operation of winding, cutting, strapping and unloading volume.

tranverse cutting device


7. Adjustable amplitude of transverse tensile orientation device

  • Transverse stretching amplitude can be adjusted online, stretching ratio can control online. Double handle adopts high strength alloy steel clamp, with the feature of high strength, wide scope of application. Bearing adopts the built-in high-temperature lubricating grease, has a long service life. Duct air flow adopts the aerodynamic fluid design software optimization design, temperature uniform, and adjustable flow online.

Adjustable amplitude of transverse tensile orientation deviceAdjustable amplitude of transverse tensile orientation device


pp pe geogrid production linepp pe geogrid production line


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