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Double PVC pipe extrusion machine

Most people have heard of the PVC pipe extrusion machine, but some may not know the double PVC pipe extrusion machine. If you want to learn about double output, you’d better learn about it.


Now let’s introduce double PVC pipe machine through four questions below:

  1. What is the double PVC pipe extrusion machine?
  2. What are the main PVC two-cavity pipe extrusion production lines?
  3. What is the double PVC pipe manufacturing process?
  4. What are the advantages of two cavity PVC pipe extrusion line?

plastic double cavity pvc pipe extrusion making machine

What is the double PVC pipe machine?



The double PVC pipe machine is also called PVC two-cavity pipe extrusion production line. It is easy to understand actually. It is newly developed to produce two pipes at the same time. It is more like a combination of two single cavity PVC pipe machines. So it is called the double PVC pipe machine.



Machine name quantity
Loader and feeder 1
Conical twin-screw extruder 1
Separated vacuum tanks 1
Online haul off machine 1
Dust-free cutter 1
Double-pipe belling machine/stacker 1



two cavity pvc electrical pipe making machine


What are the main PVC two-cavity tube extrusion machines?


Model BKE-63 BKE-110 BKE-160
Type Double out Double out Double out
Pipe range 16-63mm 50-110mm 75-160mm
Extruder SJZ51/105 SJZ65/132 SJZ80/156
Output 100-150KG/H 200-250KG/H 350-400KG/H
Main motor 18.5KW 37KW 55KW


Look at the parameter table above, we can see there are 3main models for double PVC pipe manufacturing machine:BKE-63, BKE-110, BKE-160. Let’s compare the output of the three lines through the bar graph below.


output comparison diagram


From the above bar graph, it is easy to see the output increases in a straight line from BKE-63 to BKE-160. And the output of BKE-160 is nearly double BKE-110, and meanwhile, BKE-110 is nearly twice as that of BKE-63. But their price difference is less than twice. Thus we can conclude that BKE-160 is the most cost-effective among the three.


Customers can choose the most suitable one by considering the output requirement and price at the same time. For the double PVC pipe machine price, welcome to contact us for a detailed quotation.


Now let’s look at them in detail.


16-63mm two-cavity PVC electrical pipe making machine:


Pipe diameter  20-63 mm (customized thickness)
Extruder recommended sjz51/105 (18.5kw)
Whole line size (L*W*H)  22 m×2 m×3 m
Production speed  2-10 m/min


16-63 mm PVC double pipe production line is mainly used to produce the electric conduit pipe or small water pipe. For the wiring tube, the common diameter is 16, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 mm. For water pipe: the common size is 20, 40, 50 mm.


The 16-63 mm two-cavity PVC electrical pipe making machine is at low cost and works stably, which is a good option for PVC pipe manufacturers with little experience or those who want to increase output.


double pvc pipe mould


50-110 mm plastic double cavity PVC pipe extrusion making machine:


Pipe diameter  50-110 mm (customized thickness)
Extruder recommended sjz 65/132 (37 kw)
Whole line size (L*W*H)  22 m×2 m×3 m
Production speed  3-10 m/min


50-110 mm two-cavity PVC pipe extrusion line is used to produce mainly water pipe and drainage pipe in construction. For water pipe, the common diameter is 50, 90, 110 mm. For drainage pipe, the size is often 50(used under washbasin often), 75 mm(usually used in kitchen and balcony), 110 mm(more used in the toilet).


The 50-110 mm PVC two-cavity tube extrusion machine is with stable option and high output. Want high production, choose it.

double pvc pipe vacuum tank

75-160 mm PVC pipe two-cavity production machinery:


Pipe diameter  75-160 mm(customized thickness)
Extruder recommended sjz80/156(55kw)
Whole line size(L*W*H)  22 m×2 m×3 m
Production speed  3-10 m/min


75-160 mm PVC pipe two-cavity production line is used to produce the water pipeline and drainage pipe.


For the water pipeline, the common diameter is 90, 110, 160 mm(used as the main pipeline usually). For drainage pipe, 75 mm(used in the kitchen mainly), 110 mm(used to connect close stool often), 160 mm(main drainage pipe and crosswise drainage pipe with a long-distance).


75-160 mm PVC pipe two-cavity production machinery is with high output, high-cost performance. You are worth it.

double pvc pipe manufacturing


We have learned about what a double PVC pipe machine is and its main models. Now let’s see the double PVC pipe manufacturing process. Is it the same as the single cavity PVC pipe production line?


What is the double PVC pipe manufacturing process?


The double PVC pipe manufacturing process is the same as the single-out PVC pipe production line. The only difference is the double PVC pipe machine deals with two pipes at the same time.


double pvc pipe manufacturing process

Double PVC pipe manufacturing process introduction:


mix, load and feed material-→ melt the material and screw it into dual-mold-→ extrude it out of dual-mold into double vacuum tanks with vacuum and cooling water-→ haul off two pipes synchronously with the same speed as extrusion speed-→ cut two pipes separately but synchronously-→discharge two pipes at the same time


Double PVC pipe manufacturing machine videos:


Pls refer to the testing video below, also can check the YouTube video https://youtu.be/xGt8-yfQa04



Want to see the single-out PVC pipe extrusion process also? Click this YouTube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MBqLKoLhQk&t=17s


What are the advantages of two cavity PVC pipe extrusion lines?


It has high output, nearly double that of the single cavity PVC pipe extrusion machine. However, its price is less than twice of a single-out PVC pipe machine. Thus, it is very popular among PVC pipe manufacturers.


Now let’s look at its 3 main advantages:

1.material advantage:


Benk Machinery adopts world-famous electric devices and stainless steel for customers to ensure the machine’s service life.

World-famous electric devices:


world-famous electric brands

Stainless steel use:


The vacuum tank and water tank adopts 3-5 mm ss304. The machine frame uses square stainless steel.


2. Design advantage:


The machine is designed from the customers’ point of view. Let’s see its unique designs carefully now.

Separated two extrusion mold/die: to increase output and plasticizing effect

Separated two vacuum tanks: to increase cooling effect and reduce damaged pipes.

Separated haul off systems: to stabilize production speed

Separated cutting systems: to make sure cutting pipe with the required length

Separated online double pipe belling machine/stacker: to use R mold or U mold online


We can see that Benk use separated two controlling systems for two pipes to stabilize the production process and to increase production speed. And Benk can design machines for customers especially. Welcome to contact us to get your machine design.

pvc pipe belling machine

3. Service advantage:


Benk’s service aim is to get customers’ satisfaction. Let’s introduce from inquiry to the next order.

Inquiry: online answering questions timely, product pictures and videos, cost & profit count, company profile PPT, and other requirements from customers.

Visit factory: pick-up service, drink, and food service, hotel booking service, tourism service, and other customized services.

During production: machine modification service, machine production plan and progress service, testing machine service, and other services required.

Customer’s factory: online operation help service, manual and video guide service, field installation, commissioning service, training workers service, 13months free spare parts service, and other services needed.


In short, Benk Machinery supplies customized services to ensure customers’ pleasurable buying experiences.




Now you must have known 16-160 mm double PVC pipe production line well through the above introduction from its configuration, common production line, manufacturing process to its advantages. If you are interested in our machines, welcome to contact us to start our story!