Co-extrusion Extruders

Co-extrusion Extruders

Benk Machinery Co LTD, produces special devices for co-extrusion-co-extruders. Co-extruders are used, in particular, in the manufacture of pipes with colored strips, to add a small amount of melt of a different color to the main melt (from which a colored strip is formed).

Co-extruders manufactured by Benk Machinery Co LTD are equipped with a four-support rotary stand, adjustable in height and inclination.

The coextruder consists of a special drive, which includes an asynchronous electric motor with stepless frequency control from the famous brands frequency drive and a thrust bearing.

A screw pair with heaters and thermocouples enclosed in a stainless steel casing is connected to the co-extruder drive.

The surfaces of the screw and cylinder of the co-extruder are saturated with nitrogen, which significantly extends their service life.

The thermal automation system and the frequency converter of the main motor drive are installed in the control panel of the co-extruder.

The co-extruder is equipped with a stainless steel hopper.

Technical characteristics of co-extruders

Co-extruders for processing LDPE, HDPE and PP

Brand of co-extruder
Screw diameter, mm Drive power, kW Capacity, kg / h, max.
BENK25/25 25 1.5 6 25:1
BENK35/25 25 4.5 18 25:1
BENK45/25 25 7.5 30 25:1
BENK50/25 25 11 45 25:1

Extruders for processing PVC plastic

Brand of co-extruder
Screw diameter, mm Drive power, kW Capacity, kg / h, max.
SJZ45/90 45 15 60
SJZ51/105 51 18.5 90


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