• PPR Pipe Production Line


NAME:PP PE PE-RT PPR High Speed Extrusion Line 16-63mm

PPR Pipe Production Line

First let’s define what is PPR Pipe is and where it is used, how it is produced, what raw materials used, which equipment is important in the production process, and so on. Due to its easy installation, price effectiveness, quite long life service, and durable usage, PPR pipes became widespread lately. Some manufacturers are in a dilemma which pipe to choose for production, either PVC, PPR, PE?

In this short passage, We would like to emphasize the PPR pipe and its peculiarities.       

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PPR Pipe, and how does it look like?

PPR pipe is a type of pipe produced from the PPR (polypropylene random copolymer (PPR or PP-R), a random copolymer with polyethylene used for plastic pipework. (From Wiki article). PPR Pipes are produced by the lasting extrusion process in PPR Pipe extruders. Most producers in the world offer PPR Pipes in white colour. Size range is commonly from 16-110 mm. Besides the PPR Pipe itself, production of the accessories like fittings, valves, reducers, etc is another business niche to be interested in for the new PPR Pipe producers.  

For PPR Pipe Characteristics we may include its low heat conductivity which is very useful in transferring hot and cold water in the buildings. Thus, using PPR pipes in the buildings may save expenses in pipe insulation. 

PPR Pipes are durable and have a long service life, it may serve more than 50 years in the different temperature ranges. PPR Pipes are also may be used for the transferring of the hot waters in the heating systems of the houses. PPR Pipes can be installed in the cold climate medium, without any concerns about the cold weather. 

Comparing to the metal pipes, PPR Pipe’s inner surface doesn’t gather any stain, because of its smooth inner surface.

 PPR Pipe Application: for hot and cold water piping in residential, industrial, and public installations, for transferring water in industrial piping, chemical liquids, liquid products, gases, chemicals, etc. 

What is included in the PPR Pipe Production Line?

  • SJ series single screw extruder
  • SJ 25/25 co-extruder
  • Extrusion die
  • Vacuum forming tank
  • Haul-off
  • Dustless cutting unit
  • Stacker.

PPR Pipe Production Line

PPR Pipe Production Line Flowchart

PPR granules →

Vacuum feeder →

Hopper dryer →

Single screw extruder →

Marking line co-extruder →

Mold and calibrator →

Vacuum calibration tank →

Cooling tank →

Printing →

Hauling off →

Cutting machine →



Benk Machinery Co LTD will assist in PPR Pipe production setting up:

Benk Machinery Co LTD is able to supply a full set of PPR Pipe Production Line in different capacities. Our team will follow and consult customers from A to Z in any step of the PPR Pipe production setup.   

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Technical datasheet

 Model 60/38 75/38 90/38 120/38 I
Application Raw material Output
Water & Gas PE 500 650 1100 1350
Antistatic coating PE-RT 400 600 1000 1200
Water & Fitting PP-R 350 520 800 1100
Drainage & Sewage PP 350 520 800 1000

PPR Pipe Extrusion Machine Parameters

Type Pipe spec (mm) Extruder Max output (kg/h) Total power (kW)
KPM-PPR-63 (single) 20 – 63 SJ 65 / 33 100-120 110
KPM-PPR-63 (double) 20 – 63 SJ 60 / 38 250-350 150
KPM-PERT-32 (low speed) 16 – 32 SJ 55 / 33 80-100 110
KPM-PERT-32 (high speed) 16 – 32 SJ 65 / 33 180-220 140

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